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Cooking with Fire in Public Parks

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CELOS stands for: the Centre for Local Research into Public Space.

Details of who we are: here.

Jutta Mason is the administrator. Her birthday is on June 9. She recently found these odd notations on a calendar of celebrations:

June 9 Fornax

The Romans celebrated the festival of Fornax, goddess of ovens, by hanging garlands of flowers on ovens and wreaths on the necks of the mules who turned the mills.

Field, Carol, The Italian Baker

June 9 Vestalia

In ancient Rome, this was the day set aside for a public festival for the hearth goddess Vesta. Women walked barefoot around her round temple with offerings. The Vestal Virgins prepared the ritual food: mola salsa, a cake of salt and the first grain. The water came from vessels that could not be set down without spilling and the salt was pounded in a mortar, baked and sawn. It became a holiday for millers and bakers.

Blackburn, Bonnie and Leofranc, Holford-Strevens, The Oxford Book of Days, Oxford University Press, 2000

Monaghan, Patricia, The Book of Goddesses and Heroines, Llewellyn 1981

That may explain something about Jutta's urge to cook over fire.

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