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Little Hat Creek Farm oven

Heather and Ben, Little Hat Creek Farm

Heather Coiner spent some time a few years back baking at Dufferin Grove Park, mostly using the bigger oven. She was a terrific baker, also a musician, and she had just got her PhD as well, and was giving some lectures at the University of Toronto. But her heart was with her friend Ben in Virginia, and that's where she went to live.

They came up to visit at Christmas in 2014, and that's when we found out that they had built a wood-fired bake oven at their farm, and were selling bread as part of their market offerings. It's not a public oven, of course, although Ben said they would be open to others using it. It's an interesting plan, involving wine bottle insulation, and it's made of clay with some consulting help from our pen pal Kiko Denzer. Here are the construction links on their website:


Their oven story

Food politics blog from the Little Hat Creek website

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