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Cultivating community oven in Melbourne, Australia

An email from Peta Christianson, who works with a group called Cultivating Community in Melbourne Australia:

outdoor oven in Melbourne Australia

bread at their farmers' market

We have a cob bake oven in our community garden the oven was built through a workshop with Alan Scott around 15 years ago Im sad to say it has been pretty dormant for the most part of that time with the occasional lighting however we now have a local sour dough bread enthusiast who we are lighting the oven with more regularly. We light the oven about monthly now and make bread for a low cost community fresh food market as well as invite members of the local community to come and bake their breads from many cultures with us. We usually have a pizza dinner the night before we bake bread for the market. We also light the oven when we have special celebrations pizzas are very popular but my favourite thing is when people bring something from their own culture to bake and share. Our baking group is gaining momentum and we hope to be able to skill up more people in the community so we can bake more often, it is very much a labour of love as Im sure you know so the more we can share it around the better!

Our sour dough baker has taken inspiration from your community baking manual specifically where you talk about oven time, we have met so many people over the course of the very long baking process who are endlessly interested and fascinated by the whole fire and oven and baking and have come to appreciate the process as much as the product.

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