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Cooking with Fire in Public Parks


Temporary Oven: Version Two

December 23, 2016: reducing the height

we took out lots of bricks, including the side and back walls... three rows of bricks, and put the roof back on

then we put on a second layer of rood bricks...

...and lit a small fire to test the draft (it burned well)

the inside of Version Two -- now it's a flat roof, six courses high

chimney at the front

outside north wall, this time with lots more tie-ins

outside back wall (it collapsed when we took down the first version)

outside south wall -- the most stable

Version Two oven, with plenty of tie-ins

From Yo: We lowered the ceiling by two layers of bricks, and strengthened the wall by inner firebrick wall and outer regular brick wall biting each other. Jutta has been interested in the ceramic fibre blanket for insulation. Letís see what the lower ceiling might do.

Dec.26, 2016: second firing

8 a.m. biggest fire yet, Dec.26 -- planning to test bake bread

spreading out the coals

1 p.m. roasting squash and mushrooms in the embers

clearing out the embers

wiping out the hearth

slashing the loaf

Yo blocked the door opening with bricks, to keep the heat in

very tasty sourdough, 40 mins. at 400 C

From Yo: Rain. Fire started at 8 am. It took many pieces of wood to eventually burned white. We roasted sliced squash and whole mushrooms on a tray with coals in. After that we cleared the oven with a hoe and a ripped shirt-rag. The thermometer read a little under 400 F when I put a loaf of bread in, barely 350F when it was taken out after 45 minutes. Bread was pale, didnít spring much in the oven. Looked to me like a typical winter bread.

Heat doesnít seem to be retained much in this oven even though the outer wall doesnít become warm at all. Maybe a big portion of heat is escaping through the cracks with smoke? Jutta decides to get the ceramic fibre blanket.

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