Public Bakeovens



Cooking with Fire in Public Parks


The Green Barns (on private land immediately beside Wychwood Park)

Saturday, August 22 2015 -- farmers' market day

menu for the pizza oven

oven is backed by a large, fertile garden

pizza ready to go in

The ingredients are dough made in their cafe the day before and refrigerated overnight, plus toppings from the various gardens around the barns and in the greenhouse -- or bought from the farmers.



August 2014

From the The Stop Community Food Centre website: "We opened our second bake oven at The Green Barn in the spring of 2009 and it is used for various programs and events, including film nights and the After-School Program."

oven in plant couryard

oven dedicated to Bentinho
click to enlarge


May 2010

Unfinished Green Barn Oven May 22 2010

market stand in front of unfinished oven
June 2010

chimney up, new garden behind oven

oven surrounded by courtyard

double outer oven doors

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