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Visit to Dufferin Grove ovens

Jan.15, 2020, text and photos from Fairmount baker Lottie White

Heidrun unloading bread

how hot? (little oven, with part of hearth shelf missing)

ON Wednesday Jan.15, Fairmount park neighbours Lottie White and Joseph Romaine came to Dufferin grove to watch park baker Heidrun light the two ovens and bake off the market sourdough.

They came because they want to learn to operate the recently acquired Fairmount bake oven, which was moved from Christie Pits by truck and crane and dropped in the east part of the park in front of Joseph Romain's house last November. The new Fairmount oven is actually the first Christie Pits oven, built by CELOS and rec staff in October 2000, with leftover materials from its twin, the smaller Dufferin Grove bake oven, built in May of 2000.

From Lottie: "A big thank you to Heidrun at Dufferin Grove for sharing her bake oven and bread baking expertise with Joseph and me yesterday. A day-long process that went by in a flash and was capped with a slice of heavenly potato and rosemary sourdough."

well-established fire

fire is getting going in the big oven

down to coals, raked forward before being taken out

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