Public Bakeovens



Cooking with Fire in Public Parks


Tandoor Ovens

Thorncliffe Tandoor Oven Project

The tandoor oven was installed at R.V.Burgess Park in 2013 and first used regularly in 2014. Here is a short Youtube video showing naan bread being made at the park in September 2014. Read more here.

May 30 2014
Portable Tandoor

June 26, 2011 CELOS purchased a portable Tandoor. The tandoor spent several years at Thorncliffe Park's R.V.Burgess Park, until the park got its own tandoor. Then CELOS brought the tandoor back to Dufferin Grove and continued lending it out from there. Read more...

Others examples of Cooking in a Tandoor

Baking bread in Tajikistan

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